MacTip: Getting a new Mac for less $.

Apple Inc. regularly generates news: announcing a new product like the iPad, or a significant revision of an existing product, like the iPhone, or record revenue and profits in the last quarter followed closely by a substantial increase in the company's stock value and overall worth. Apple, IMHO, is making the best computers around, and the latest versions are a testament to their talent in computer making.

As usual, Apple prices these new Macs the same as the ones on sale the day before. Those prices are usually a bit higher than those of "comparable" PCs, though you get what you pay for.

However, hidden in all the hoopla is a golden opportunity for PC and Mac users who want to save some money when buying a new Mac: Instead of buying the newest and coolest, buy the model that, until this week, was the newest and coolest.

These slightly older computers are now considered difficult to sell, since everyone naturally will focus on the new and improved versions. But those slightly older computers can still be found in stores, waiting to be sold. And they cost less than the new ones.

I hope this information helps you better manage software updates to your Mac.

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